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Everybody Loves Irene - The Very First Thing You Must Learn About Flying Is Gravity

Now available exclusively on iTunes!

"Diehard fans of the now-defunct Portishead take notice. For those craving more music by that legendary Bristol-based band, a superb alternative has formed in the city you least expected. Yet these five college students from Jakarta do more than just pay homage. The group says it plays music "for times when the ecstasy wears off and the tingle becomes a chill," a kind of "dance noir for those too world-weary to move." True, this trip-hop outfit is more suitable to rainy days and Mondays than a pick-me-up jam before going out on Friday night, but that's what makes them so unique on the Jakarta scene.

"Described as "wistful" and "organic," the haunting voice of Irene Yohanna has won praise from listeners around the world. Her time spent in a church choir might explain the heavenly vocals but soon it will be more than angels that recognize the immense talent of this 21-year-old. While these well-read individuals first came together in 1998, they are still shopping around for a label and hope to release their debut album some time in 2006. In the meantime, check out the sensation exclusively on iTunes."
by Jason Tedjasukmana (Equinox DMD)

There are 9 unreleased tracks that now available for digital purchasing exclusively only on iTunes Music Store as partial album for $ 0.99 each.

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Artist name:
Everybody Loves Irene

Album title:
The Very First Thing You Must Learn About Flying Is Gravity

Release date:
officially unreleased / iTunes original for now

US $ 0.99 each
US $ 8.91 for all

Track list:
01. Lullaby Show (04:59)
02. Crop Circle Me (04:26)
03. Memento Mori (04:43)
04. Gravity Always Wins (05:50)
05. Youre My Tragedy (03:42)
06. Try Try Try (05:17)
07. Hybrid Moments (06:04) *
* Note: This is a cover version, originally done by The Misfits. This song is not available for digital purchasing and will be appear exclusively in the upcoming physical CD version.
08. Uncertainty & Anxiety (05:09)
09. re-EVOLution (03:23)
10. Hate Sunday (06:08)



About Everybody Loves Irene

EVERYBODY LOVES IRENE was born in 1998. It all started with a band named Gooton, consisting Yudhi Arfani (guitar), Dimas Anindityo (bass), and Mulyadi Triharsono (drum) when they were only in junior high school! All three grew to become friends in the same scene that popped up several britpops gigs, popular in Jakarta at that time. However, the band went without permanent vocalist.
After some time, in 2001 the boys met Irene Yohanna, a girl with remarkable voice. Her voice trully made a break. All the boys loved it. Even more, everybody loves Irene! This in fact is the exact sentence that became the name of the band EVERYBODY LOVES IRENE. She soon became the main icon of this band.
With spare-backing tracks and emotional yet wrenching vocal, EVERYBODY LOVES IRENE play music for times when ecstasy wears off and the tingle becomes a chill. It's a dance noir for those too world-weary to move.
Their music quality got even more enriched when Aulia Naratama (synthetizer) and Nurendro Siwiaji (keyboard) joined the band. This is the last, perfect and solid format for the band to produce new, great songs like Memento Mori, Gravity Always Win, Try Try Try, The Lullaby Show, and the list goes on.
EVERYBODY LOVES IRENE's music might sound like seen as a really unhappy world. On its creative process, it admits that it is mostly inspired by some talented musicians like Emiliana Torrini, Goldfrapp, Air, Mono, Sneaker Pimps, Portishead, Anjali, Radiohead, Cocteau Twins, Sigur Ros, The Smiths, Bloc Party, and some other great musicians that cannot be mentioned one by one.
This would make them an eclectic indie-pop band with lot of organic trip-hop influences that touches a view element of multi-layered electronica sounds. It will reveal such dark ambience when these young acts is started to perform their non-standard songwriting. EVERYBODY LOVES IRENE has created lunatic fans among the music lovers, regarding the quantity of presenting themselves in some local events that they have participated.
Among these times, EVERYBODY LOVES IRENE has already independently released a highly-appreciated EP entitled, Uncertainty, Anxiety, and All the Sorrow in this World as their first musical journey in September 2004. They also has participated in some local compilation album, including a nation-wide movie original soundtrack. Right now theyre still looking for label to release their first full-length album materials entitled, The Very First Thing You Must Learn About Flying Is Gravity.
Another thing that we can say is that if you're making out at home or pining home alone, EVERYBODY LOVES IRENE is the most appropriate one to leisure.

1. Album The Very First Thing You Must Learn About Flying is Gravity
* unreleased / unsigned *
2. Singles Memento Mori & re-EVOLution
Appear on 2 episodes of Dunia Tanpa Koma TV series (Sinem@rt coming soon)
3. Demo self-titled
MP3 (internet released November 2005)
4. Single Crop Circle Me (demo)
From Gerbang 13 soundtrack compilation
Cassette (dErecords March 2005)
5. Single Hate Sunday (demo)
From Deathrockstar Family Sampler compilation
CD (Deathrockstar webzine Bandung/November 2004)
6. Single Try Try Try (demo)
From Brontak: Chapter 01 compilation
Cassette (Brontak Webzine Medan/October 2004)
7. Mini album Uncertainty, Anxiety, and All the Sorrow in this World
CD (self-released Jakarta/September 2004)

Communicate with us for more information and networking:
c/o Aribowo Sangkoyo (the bands personal manager)
snail address: Jl. Karet Belakang 3 no. 8, Jakarta 12920, Indonesia.
mobile: +62 856 852 1415 (Bowo)
the official Myspace page:
the manager's YM id: sayap_imaji


Reviewer: BenjaminS.T. - - May 27, 2014
Subject: Everybody Loves Irene - The Very First Thing You Must Learn About Flying Is Gravity
Even for this being a promo I think that this had some really well made music. I give the music five stars.
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Sayap Imaji
on 4/11/2006
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